Marco Rubio’s immigration plan fails basic scrutiny, defies logic

On the Republican side of the 2016 presidential race, Marco Rubio is the establishment’s “plan B”, with Jeb Bush being their first choice. However, as shown below, Rubio’s record is problematic and makes him unelectable.

The pro-establishment Wall Street Journal recently had to acknowledge that Marco Rubio’s multiple flip-flops on immigration in fact damage his prospects of becoming president of the United States. Rubio ran on “securing the border” in his 2010 Senate campaign, but then abandoned that position in 2013 in favor of what he called “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”.  Rubio was one of the authors of that particular piece of misguided legislation, put together by the so-called “Gang of Eight”.

rubio_wall_editedIn May 2015, Rubio “still believed” that we need immigration reform, but that “the votes aren’t there” in Congress. In that same interview, Rubio said four (4) times that the reason to take a different path is because of insufficient votes in Congress. Marco Rubio did not say one word about the well-founded lack of trust the American people have in government at all levels, and the mistrust of career politicians like Marco Rubio and their true motives.

Now (December 2015) Rubio’s campaign website  is singing a different tune than before. Marco Rubio now says this about the “comprehensive immigration reform” he worked so hard for in 2013:

“Achieving comprehensive reform of anything in a single bill is simply not realistic. Having tried that approach, I know this to be true firsthand. The fear that such massive pieces of legislation include some clever loophole or unintended consequence makes it even harder to achieve.”

In other words: if Rubio could only neutralize this crazy “fear”, then he could really “achieve” things. In trying to move back to his original 2010 position, Rubio insults the voters by characterizing their well-founded views as “fears”. Good luck with that as a campaign message.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 contained many promises that were never kept. These are the same promises that are being made now. Even the leftist liberal New York Times called it “the failed amnesty legislation of 1986.” Here is how the Times describes it:

“President Ronald Reagan signed that [1986] bill into law with great fanfare amid promises that it would grant legal status to illegal immigrants, crack down on employers who hired illegal workers and secure the border once and for all. Instead, fraudulent applications tainted the process, many employers continued their illicit hiring practices, and illegal immigration surged.”

That is the undisputed history of the last “effort” at immigration reform. Mr. Rubio’s use of inaccurate and insulting terms like “fears” to describe well-founded concerns serves a purpose: to signal to Rubio’s establishment “open borders” supporters that he will one day return to their position.  It is the Way of the Weasel.

As an immigrant myself (from Sweden, at age 18), there is nothing I “fear” about immigration per se. However, I do not have much patience for spineless windvanes like Mr. Rubio who seek to paint reasoned opposition as “fears”. Had he said “well-founded fears”, I would not have called him out as a weasel.

rubioThanks to modern technology, Mr. Rubio’s record on core issues is being spread far and wide. Analysis of data from the 2014 election shows that the establishment is losing its grip on power. That trend keeps getting stronger every day thanks to social media. The moral bankruptcy of the so-called establishment and their mouthpieces like Marco Rubio explains the popularity of non-establishment candidates in the Republican primary race in 2016. Mr. Rubio may be likeable on a personal level, but he is not a leader – he has already demonstrated that.

It’s too bad for Marco Rubio that he was so out of touch with his own constituents when he sponsored “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” (CIR) in 2013. It’s too bad because it is what will doom Marco Rubio as a candidate, especially after the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino. Rubio flipped, then flopped back, and looks like a wet waffle on the related issues of immigration and national security.

Furthermore, Marco Rubio’s current immigration plan naive and shallow. On his campaign website, Mr Rubio says:

“Those here illegally must come forward and be registered. If they have committed serious crimes or have not been here long enough, they will have to leave.”

Hey, Marco! Those who know they will be deported will not “come forward.” They can read the rules as well as anybody else. You have to either be very naive or a brazen liar to hold the views that Mr. Rubio holds.

Below: yes, idiots like this do exist…and they vote.

no-borders700Rubio’s amnesty plan also says that those who stay must “learn English”. But no clear thinking person believes that the federal government is going to force a Mexican grandmother unlawfully residing in the US to “learn English”. Nor do people believe that if she fails to learn English to a certain level, the federal government will deport her….or deport anybody else for that matter.

Not only is Mr. Rubio’s intellectually dishonest in making this proposal, it flies in the face of the history of how “immigration reform” played out after the 1986 law was passed. The “language requirement” in the 1986 law was that unlawful residents “demonstrate an understanding of the English language, including an ability to read, write, and speak words in ordinary usage in the English language”. Through the bureaucratic magic of the “rule-making process”, this instead became monetary grants so that states could give unlawful resident free English courses… the taxpayer’s expense. And not even one person was asked to leave the country for failing to meet the language “requirement”. That’s quite the toothless “requirement” they have there, wouldn’t you say?

The main concern for most taxpayers is that immigrants will demand that tax dollars be used to provide information or services in other languages.  Recent history shows us that this is an exceedingly valid concern.


In summary: Mr. Rubio’s immigration plan is not worth the paper it is written on. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are at least willing to fight for the middle class, whereas Marco Rubio can’t wait to sell the middle class even further down the river in order to please his elitist sponsors.

As stated at the outset: Marco Rubio is an establishment candidate. This means that he represents entrenched wealthy and powerful groups who like things the way they are. It is not hard to understand why such “Republican” politicians surrender to Democrats because they are two sides of the same elitist coin. And neither side of that coin is your side.

Heads they win, tails you lose. That is the Establishment Way.


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