Cruz closing gap to Trump

Above is a headline that the establishment media won’t write. You can see the establishment headlines below. Ted Cruz narrowed the gap against  Trump last night, and now on March 6th has 295 delegates to Trump’s 378 (Rubio has 123).

Yet as you can see below: none of the headlines talk about the gap narrowing. Both NBC and Slate even claim that Cruz’s win is a boost for Trump. Slate’s argument is that “Cruz will have more trouble solidifying an anti-Trump coalition than Rubio” and that  “Cruz’s success may also mean that the GOP establishment, which despises the Texas senator, will not go all out to stop Trump.”  


Now why would “the GOP establishment” (as Slate calls the Republican establishment) despise someone who is “off-the-charts brilliant” in the opinion of his liberal Harvard professor, famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Why would they despise such a person? Could it be because they are afraid that Cruz will upset some apple carts?

If so, then there must be some serious money in them apples. Of course the establishment doesn’t want to give up its patronage and privilege, that’s why they’re fighting so hard to preserve the status quo.

Cruz received twice the number of votes than Trump in Kansas last night, even though the so-called “polls” showed Cruz trailing Trump by 6% as late as Friday. So much for the polls, huh? And so much for the presstitutes in the establishment media, a dishonorable group of sellouts who almost always have a hidden agenda in whatever they do. They’ll lie about Trump and Cruz, they lied about Carson when his numbers were good. They’ll lie about any non-establishment candidate who they perceive as a threat to their ruling class masters.

Some times, they don’t lie. They just remain silent. At 8:20 A.M. this morning, there was no mention of Cruz’s big victory last night on their website. This on the website of Florida’s largest newspaper. Not a word. Everybody know’s why – the Tampa Bay Times is bought and paid for, which became quite clear when their owner accidentally released this information two years ago.

Never mind the lying because it won’t stop the winds of change from blowing. If we don’t get that change in 2016, we’ll get it in 2020. And if we don’t get it at all, then the specter of bloody unrest looms. Nobody wants it to come to that.

Finally, a shout-out to Donald Trump for calling on Rubio to drop out so that the primaries become a clear choice between Trump and Cruz. This could prove to be detrimental to Trump, and I’m not a Trump supporter. But I commend Trump for calling on Rubio to drop out because he is 100% correct on that point.



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