League of Women Voters e-mail fingers “particularly resistant candidate”, falls silent when questioned

The League of Women Voters (LWV) claims to be fair and non-partisan in all that they do. Their local activities include organizing debates, putting together voter guides, performing voter registration drives, just to name a fee things. One of the local organizations that perform these allegedly “non-partisan” activities is League of Women Voters St. Peterburg Area (LWVSPA)

Yet despite their claims of being honest brokers, LWVSPA Voter Service Committee Chair Raechel Garafalo inadvertently referred to me (Tom Rask) as a “particularly resistant candidate”. This occurred in an e-mail accidentally sent to the me instead of its intended recipient.

Garafalo’s characterization was apparently based on a 2014 e-mail exchange between us when I ran for the Pinellas County Commission. There appears to be nothing in the exchange that would warrant such a negative characterization, but you be the judge.

Before publishing this article, I asked Garafalo these and other questions:

+ What does the LWV think I was “particularly resistant” to when I ran for office in 2014?
+ Does the LWVSPA have a list of “particularly  resistant” candidates? If so, please provide that list.
+ By which criteria does the LWV classify candidates in this fashion.
+ The person named Delia who you intended the e-mail for – is that Delia Miller? If not, who is it?
+ Do you intend to resign as Voter Service Committee Chair?

No response was received by the time of publication of this article. LWVSPA claims it “does not support or oppose any candidate for elective office”, but they seem to have a rather obvious internal bias towards some candidate(s).

The LWV of Florida has faced increasing criticism in Florida as they have advocated for Medicaid expansion and and opposed private school voucher expansion. They have similarly faced charges of having a leftist bias in Colorado.


The League has also run ads attacking Republicans in tight races and Democrats in safe races, and called such criticism evidence of their non-partisan nature.

Some people think I see out controversy, but here I was just minding my own business on a Tuesday evening when the LWVSPA e-mail arrived about events more than two years in the past.  They may have the memory of an elephant, but elephants they are not, if you catch my drift.