GOP no longer the Party of Lincoln – it’s the Party of…..

The Republican Party calls itself “the Party of Lincoln” because Abraham Lincoln was a leader in building the party after its creation in the 1850’s. But is calling the GOP the Party of Lincoln still warranted after the election of Trump? Let’s take a look at just one issue: Obamacare.

In 2010, Republicans in Washington D.C. said “we need control of the House to repeal Obamacare.” The voters gave them a majority in the House. The Republican politicians then said “we also need the Senate, then we can repeal it.” But when given the Senate, the D.C. Republicans said they dared not risk losing their grip on power, as their opponents had risked in 2010 when passing Obamacare in the face of impopularity among voters.

Sciophobic George McClelland

So finally D.C. Republicans said “we need the presidency, then we’ll repeal Obamacare. We mean it this time!” The voters obliged, electing Republican Donald Trump president. Trump ran on repealing Obamacare “on day one.”

The story of Union war general George McClellan is well-known: given command of the Union Army by president Abraham Lincoln, McClellan always found a reason to not act, no matter how many resources were at his disposal. After 15 months of inaction, Lincoln removed McClellan from Command in November, 1863.

McClellan went on to become the Democrat candidate for president in 1864, and lost to his former boss Lincoln in that election.

Given the inaction of congressional Republicans since the election of Trump, using the moniker “The Party of Lincoln” is simply false advertising. A better name would be “The Party of McClellan” because not only are they afraid to act, many “Republicans” in D.C. are actually Democrats. Just like George McClelland.

(Hat tip Drew Miller for inspiring the idea for this 276-word indictment)


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