What is a US senator to do after the NYC terrorist attack? What indeed.

Yesterday, a  muslim Uzbek man used a truck to kill eight people in New York city. Right away, being from Sweden, I couldn’t help but note that it was also a muslim Uzbek man who used a truck to mow down pedestrians in Stockholm, Sweden on April 7th of this year.

Yet you won’t find me using these plain and simple facts to unsarcastically argue for “common sense regulation of muslim Uzbek men using trucks.” No one should support such an argument. Yet so many voters allow our elected politicians (a.k.a. “leaders”) to make similarly stupid and vapid claims.

On this day after the NYC attack, I wonder whether US senator Angus King  (I – Maine) will double down on his 2016 claim that ISIS attacks are “more or less inevitable” and that it’s “crucial not to succumb to fear and stereotyping of Muslims.” As if “fear and stereotyping of muslims” cause these attacks.


To be fair, King made his remarks in March of 2016, as the establishment that King is part of tried feverishly to prevent Trump from becoming the GOP nominee. But after yesterday’s NYC attack, will King double down on his previous remarks? What if there is another attack and it’s much worse, like the one in Nice, France last year. Will voters still buy what he is saying?

Maybe King should visit a mosque and give a speech like senator Jeff Flake did just eight days after the December 2015 San Bernardino attack. Flake (R – Arizona) called for “unity” and issued to call for “acceptance, tolerance and inclusion across the country”…..as if that would have had prevented the extremist San Bernardino attackers from carrying out their slaughter.

In his cringe-worthy pollyannaish speech at the mosque, Flake only mentioned the San Bernardino victims in the context of muslims helping the victims this way, that way and in every way. It was a transparent and embrrassing attempt at vote-fishing, and it ultimately netted him a net negative of votes (pun intended).

Please watch Flake’s short speech from less than two years ago, as it has not aged well. Flake’s approval ratings were already not good then, and dropped further since. Yet when he announced last week that he will not seek re-election, Flake claimed with a straight face that he was “risking his career” by not standing for re-election and instead “standing up to Trump.” In fact, Flake was risking nothing, a snowflake in hell had a better chance of getting  re-elected than Jeff Flake in Arizona in 2018.

Above are just two examples of the nonsense that some of our “leaders” try to shove down our ears and eyes. The same can be shown of easily 70% of the members of that august institution that is the US Senate.

So what is an establishment senator to say now? How can they distance themselves from their past pablumatic pronouncements without seeming to be the bigots that they accuse the majority of Americans of being? And how to thread that needle without seeming to be the political prostitutes that they are?

Yes indeed: what is a US senator to do in this age of Facebook and Youtube and alert voters….and…Russians! Look, over there – Trump works for the Russians!

The issue before us is not Trump. In fact, if Trump thinks that his election was about him, then he is sorely mistaken. This is about expressing the will of the people and the establishment’s fear that such expression will actually happen.

Regardless of your political views, please pay attention to how your “leaders” posture and prance, work against your interests and prostitute themselves for others….yet never for you. They’d never prostitute themselves for you or prostrate themselves before you….but they do it gladly and often for those who control them.